Navigating Queer Terminology Talk

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned before, my colleague Bethan and me held a talk a couple of weeks ago about the importance of queer terminology in making certain marginalised sexualities and genders visible within the LGBTQ+ community.

We wrote a blog post about the perks and challenges of hosting this talk for the Birmingham LGBT Scholarship blog. I just want to share it with all of you. Click here to access it!

I attended some events for LGBTQ+ History Month that were very interesting, while others I could not go because school is keeping me busy. One of the highlights was the event held by Nicola and Nicki about LGBT inclusive curriculum (my past dissertation aspirations, hey!) and I must say I was blown away by how amazing this project is. it got me inspired again and interested in queer pedagogy – a critical aspect that I hope to include in my own teaching some day. Also, I went by an event by the LGBTQ Association about queer science/trans involvement in Stonewall and history – it was great to see students and my people engaged in this! Also, I went for the first time in ages to the LGBTQ Coffee Social last week with my colleagues Tamsin and Eliza and it was lovely. I should go more and socialise! There was an event I wanted to go solo badly, it was a fundraiser where people performed in drag, and since now I just discovered RuPaul’s Drag race (which started in 2009 lol), I really wanted to go see.

Anyways, term time is creeping upon me and I am horribly stressed, but everything will be great!

Hope you are all doing good!