An Update!

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks or so and there are different reasons for that. All the reasons are equally important and just wanted to share them with you. I love blogging and sharing things over here, so I can hopefully start doing that again next week. One post per week as usual 🙂

I haven’t been able to write because I left Missouri, where I was with my partner and his wonderful family, a week from now. This means that all my time and attention was given to them the days before I left, as I don’t know when I’ll see them next.

This also means coming back to Caracas and spending time with my family and my friends, whom I haven’t seen for a while now. It also means building a new routine and figuring out the logistics of what my day will look like.

I’ve been taking a break from reading about my favourite topics such as all things feminist and social justice, except from Everyday Feminism (because I love the articles, I can’t help it lol). I got some new books about privilege and how to make the feminist and queer social movements more inclusive (exciting reads!). Instead, I’ve been reading a book that was given to me as a gift about yoga around May. The book is called Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar. I tried to read it but I left it here and when I gave it a try the first time, the time was just not right. Luckily, reading this felt natural and it has given me a stronger purpose on my practice. So it has made me pretty happy 🙂

The Avila Mountain from my balcony and some coffee with Iyengar

I didn’t have much time to write in the past few weeks because I was focusing all my writing time and energy into a blog post for Akasha Innovation. How exciting! This will posted in the next two weeks and cross-post it here too 🙂 So you’ll get to read it! Check their amazing projects out and be ready to feel some serious inspiration!

Stay tuned and share the articles if you like them. I have really loved the experience and the outreach of the blog. I hope you’ve also enjoyed reading!

Is there anything exciting (projects, trips, ideas, books, food) that you want to share? Tell me in the comments section below! 🙂

All the best,