New Blog!

Hi everyone,

I have some good news to share with you all!

So… I started a new blog:

It’s a project that had been brewing for a little while now and I finally got the inspiration to make it happen.

As you’ll find out in the content, it focuses on my spiritual practice(s). This may or may not come as a surprise to some people, but my blog is a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings with you all.

Queering Your Lens has done really well – actually better than I ever imagined and it’s taken me far. This is by no means a goodbye, as this blog will continue to be available and active in the future (you know, for my sexuality issues of course!). But I’d love it if you could also have a look at the new one, and follow it if you like it.

So, I invite you to have a read and share it with your peeps if it speaks to you.

PS. I made the hero image and I’m super proud!



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