Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day!

Hey y’all!

Today, September 23, we celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day! 😀


This visibility should actually happen every single day, but oh well, as bisexuals, we become closeted by assumption made by others of us being either gay or straight depending on our partner (hence our need to come out!).

Since these assumptions are made because of monosexism, use today to fight it! Feel proud of who you are and do not let anyone box you on categories and identities that do not resonate with you. Be you!!

Here are some articles about Bisexual Visibility Day and Bisexual Awareness Week (this week lol!) that have been published by other media outlets. Please read them, they are great!

Share by Shiri Eisner!

Shared by Shiri Eisner!

On another note, I haven’t been active over here because… I moved to Birmingham! 😀

I’m super happy (trust me, I cannot even write about how happy, joyful and grateful I am without tearing up) that I am finally here. I moved in with my partner to the city centre and we are both starting our masters. We have been pretty busy getting settled and this week is crazy for me since it is Welcome Week throughout campus.

Next week I start my MRes in Sexuality and Gender Studies at the University of Birmingham (UoB) 😀 I am thrilled that I can finally  specify on what I am passionate about and that there will be people there for me to achieve great things! Once I know more about my program and about class topics I can make post about them, so keep an eye out!

I also want to write a blog post about Birmingham and some of the sex positivity I’ve already experienced within the city and my campus in particular 🙂 I will also post some pics so y’all can see what I’m seeing. So, that should be next! A couple of informal posts before it gets real doing research. Even though I already borrowed two books from the library today!

Are any of you studying gender and sexuality or any other course that aims social liberation in some way? Tell me about it in the comment section below!